Removal of construction or demolition waste from residential, mining or industrial sites.


Demolition waste is recycled at our crushing plant in Athlone industria, Cape Town.


Recycled aggregates are then sold or used by us in the production of concrete masonry building blocks.

Who We Are?

Rubble Cycle specializes in the removal and recycling of construction, demolition and landscapers waste, as well as the supply of both virgin and recycled building aggregates. We pride ourselves on being the most environmentally friendly company in our field and recycle all waste at our crushing/screening plant in Athlone Industria, Cape Town.

Rubble Cycle is also the premium choice for demolition and earthworks contracts throughout the greater Cape Town area.


Why Choose Us


    Service Oriented

The business is owner managed enabling us to offer the highest level of service in the industry resulting in your projects being completed quickly and efficiently.


Where we are unable to recycle or re-use the waste, we support responsible/legal disposal.


We have been operational since 2006 and have a long service history with some of Cape Town’s most reputable construction companies.


Services and Products:

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Removal
  • Virgin Aggregates
  • Recycled Aggregates
  • Secondhand Building Materials
  • Demolition & Earthworks
  • Plant Hire
  • Concrete Masonry Blocks

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